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"250 Foundations" Public Art Project 

Chatham 250 invited to participate in an interactive community art project -

250 Foundations. Place a rock, add your piece, share your wish, be a founder of this county. Rocks were gathered throughout Founding Day, and the final installation piece -- the number 250 created by the rocks -- is located on Central Carolina Community College’s Pittsboro Campus in front of Chatham Community Library for the remainder of 2021.

250 foundations 5.jpg

Why rocks? The rock is alive and represents foundation, nature, sustainability. The act of each member of the community bringing their own rock represents the community creating resilient towns, neighborhoods and households.


On Founding Day, everyone was encouraged to bring a rock, preferably not bigger than your palm, from somewhere they feel a connection to in the County. They were welcome to personalize their rock before bringing it to the drop off spot, but it was not necessary to decorate. 


For those that did not have a rock when they drove up to participate, they were able to choose one from people who have shared more than one rock to the project. There was also chalk to decorate their rock and share a wish before adding it to the installation.

At the 250 Foundations “Station”, participants added their rock to be placed within the 250 Foundations installation. As they added their rock, they had the opportunity to share the story of your rock, the decorations and/or wishes for Chatham 250.

250 Foundations was co-hosted by Abundance NC

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