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Chatham County is 250 years rich in history and stories of people, places and communities. Chatham 250 wants to showcase our County’s history around creative arts, community and diversity, nature, agriculture, and growth and change, with an emphasis on the last 50 years of Chatham County’s history. 


Chatham County is and has been the home to a vibrant and diverse creative arts scene for many years. The Chatham County Artist Profiles highlight a series of our Past, Current, and Emerging artists from a diverse range of creative disciplines, backgrounds, and experiences. 

The Church and Communities Project is an opportunity to look back at where the many communities in Chatham County have come from and learn about the stories that assure us that we can get to where we should be, from here. Browse the collection of over 40 Chatham County church histories, including wonderful songs, photos, artworks, and histories.

Take a step back into time with the Jordan Lake Project, which helps us remember how recent Jordan Lake really is, and the ways we have come to cherish it today. Learn also about the people and communities who used to live where the lake now stands from recently conducted Oral Histories an an extensive archival photo gallery.

For all of Chatham's 250 years, agriculture has been a key element of the county's culture. For at least one hundred of those years, poultry farming and processing have been an important part of that agriculture! Learn more about it with our collection of articles and historical photos which tell the story of Chatham's Poultry Timeline.

Don't forget to also check out the Chatham County Histories of Communities of Color Lecture Series, hosted by Chatham Community Library, which includes recording of four lectures: 

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Chatham County Artist Profiles

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Jordan Lake


Poultry Timeline

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