Chatham 250 Passport Overview

Welcome to the Chatham 250 Passport Experience! Each of the five Chatham 250 Passports - Creative Arts, Growth and Change, Community and Diversity, Agriculture and Natural Environment - offer nearly 20 safe, accessible, and fun activities designed to help you explore Chatham County in honor of this 250th anniversary.

How it works:

  1. Register each Passport Experience participant on the Chatham 250 website

  2. Use the QR Code to view events and locations details for the passport activities

  3. Check off passport activities as you go -- it’s all on the honor system. Don’t forget to post your experience on social media using #Chatham250!

  4. Complete at least 10 passport activities to earn a Chatham 250 Swag Bag.

  5. Upload your completed passport on the Chatham 250 website or drop-off at a Chatham County Library book drop by October 23rd

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Download your Celebration Theme Passport

Growth and


Have a completed passport? Upload it here!

Chatham 250 Passport Events