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Chatham 250 Passport Overview

Welcome to the Chatham 250 Passport Experience! Each of the five Chatham 250 Passports - Creative Arts, Growth and Change, Community and Diversity, Agriculture and Natural Environment - offer nearly 20 safe, accessible, and fun activities designed to help you explore Chatham County in honor of this 250th anniversary.

How it works:

  1. Use the QR Code to view events and locations details for the passport activities

  2. Check off passport activities as you go -- it’s all on the honor system. Don’t forget to post your experience on social media using #Chatham250!

  3. Complete at least 10 passport activities to earn a Chatham 250 Swag Bag.

  4. Upload your completed passport on the Chatham 250 website or drop-off at a Chatham County Library book drop by October 23rd

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Download your Celebration Theme Passport

Growth and


Chatham 250 Passport Events

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